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.04, i wanted to change the desktop wallpaper after reboot. I can get it to change the background, but it does not show the screen saver. I have a transparent PNG as a screen saver I've tried the 2nd answer on this question. I have also looked at the answer here. A: For background i am using background-image: url('../images/golden-horse.png'); for the screensaver, screensaver-command -poke 'gnome-screensaver-command -activate' will activate screensaver gnome-screensaver-command -activate will activate screensaver with the.png file as background Q: How to get variables from php to javascript? Hi all I have to do a exercise with multi login, I have a php page to do the login and the result of the login is displayed in the next page but i can't to get it into the javascript code, How can I do it? My code php is: Login



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Download Hadrah Basaudan Pdf To 12

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